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Catetering to the scientific world.

LabconabWho are we?

LABCON, based in Mumbai, offers quality laboratory equipment, instruments, accessories, lab furniture, and lab safety products from well-known manufacturers locally and globally to biotechs, universities, research institutes, pharmaceutical companies, and large agrochemical companies. Additionally, we provide common and rare chemicals for research and development. As a specialist in all life sciences and chemistry disciplines, we consider ourselves a strategic partner for allied scientific products.

LabconabOur core values

Customer satisfaction is a top priority
No compromise on quality
Highest standards of integrity

LabconabOur Mission

To provide cost-effective services in the procurement of key starting materials, advanced intermediates, and other laboratory products for the Indian scientific community to boost their research findings.


LABCON has a well-developed logistics network based in Mumbai. We are the only organization in India with a vast network of foreign and local vendors, as well as a solid collaboration with prestigious universities and research institutes all over the world. As a result, we've been able to source high-profile exotic research materials, intermediates, and building blocks efficiently. We are proud to be specialists in sourcing hard-to-find chemicals.

We hold unparalleled expertise in the optimization of sourcing processes to help our customers meet their procurement objectives. Therefore, you can rely on LABCON as your sole trusted supplier.

Furthermore, we offer timely and efficient custom synthesis of novel compounds, which are not even available with leading catalogs under our brand name " Alcemos "


By choosing LABCON as your one-stop-shop for all your laboratory needs, you'll be able to reduce your cost and concentrate more on your challenging research projects.

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